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[Found.] mrdarien AUA posted Jun 2, 14
gg w00dcraft
UnownBlaziken T SGT, thats the server that made factions, right
SGTxSTAYxGRIND S.V.I.P. I hope not, if you need ideas to keep the server going as far as bills, check out how massive craft works
Art V.I.P. has w00dcraft closed?

The Sun Has Set

[Found.] mrdarien AUA posted May 28, 14
Friends, Romans, Country men, I have a dream that four score and seventy years ago. Alright let me just cut right to it w00dcraft will be closing June first/second somewhere within that time peroid. The server has had a great run I am very proud we have accomplished what we have. I would like to thank all the staff old and new for all their hard work. I would like to thank all the donors that helped keep the server running all this time for those select few I have a gift than I can mail you if you want. I am sure everyone wants to know why well it more of my personal reason of running the server is no longer fun to me. I am not putting everything in to make the server and better place and that it not fair to everyone else. I have not figured everything out download wise but if you want something you built that was really good (not personal houses) saved and sent to you message me on skype and I see what I can do.

UnownBlaziken T darien, is it possible to add a download link of the server map
edgar T guys i just wanna say that we ill miss you all. Through the arguments and the good times.the caving trips and building e ...
madevilsniper S.V.I.P.A Just wanted to let everyone know it was an honor and experience being head admin on this server. It was quite awesome he ...

Server Issues

[Found.] mrdarien AUA posted May 14, 14
I tried to update console this morning which is normally a easy pain free update, sadly I have spent the last 2 hours trying to save data. To keep things short there was error and everyone inventory ended up getting deleted BUT I was able to restore everything however the server has to be restored to the backup at 1:05 AM EST so anything build after that until 12:30 EST is gone which is not good. I rather this then people lose their items. To make up for this Soon I will have a period when the server will go into creative during that time to make up for loss building however please spread the word so those people know. I will let everyone know when that time is.
MyWayMath Well, at least our inventories are safe. We can always rebuild what got reset.
forest_runner1 T i also just noticed that my jobs got reset XD lol
UnownBlaziken T Uses Tree Feller on old house
Alright guys we have had issues with mobs despawning and since it is a chunk loading issue I have come up with a minor fix. You can do /kit (cow, sheep, pig, wolf, chicken) and get one egg of each! However the cost as of now is 2k per egg and their is a 12 hour delay from where you can claim them. If we notice someone is abusing this system we will terminate it so do not be that guy. We might lower prices and time as well go along and we might add more later but for now this is all we have. Thanks.
tl;dr do /kit (cow, sheep, pig, wolf, chicken) for a egg once every 12 hours and for 2k in game dollars
RazeMad T Can you add villager spawner?
forest_runner1 T Thank you Darien!

Server Open

[Found.] mrdarien AUA posted May 4, 14
The server is open to the public however alot of the main features are not up yet but will be in the coming days because this there may be a few stops today for me to work on things. Also if you notice something is not working please let me know. Everything was reset and updated to reduced the strain on the server. I did not want to delete mcmmo levels but the block breaker got to long and lagged the server. Jobs/ money was reset (donors will get a boost in money) Admin shop is mostly empty at the moment and only has a few items that will chance in the future though. Mob arena and paintball are planned soon so just work with us any questions please ask.
RazeMad T Finally! ...
someon unban me
I'm late, but gg
i'll miss this server...GG
Just wanted to let everyone know it was an honor and experience being head admin on this server. It was quite awesome helping and serving players with various experiences and backgrounds. I do wish you the very best in wherever or whatever you do.
any admin or staff please unban me my username is sonic234567 no caps
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