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Update to 1.7.5

[Found.] mrdarien AUA posted 23 hours ago
The server has updated to 1.7.5 if you noticed something is not working and it worked before please let me know asap


[Found.] mrdarien AUA posted Apr 13, 14
From now until next Monday 4/21/14 all donor packages are 25% off if you use code --- firesale ----
You could save 10 dollars of Creative with this code and alot of new things have been added to the donor packs!

Vassal Rank Giveaway Weekly!

theman4567 A
theman4567 @ W00dCraft
posted Apr 13, 14
Hello everyone! As you may notice from the title you can get the Vassal rank once every week. So you may be asking yourself, how do I get this Vassal rank? Well the simple answer to that is be the top voter on the server, website, whatever you want to call it. So if you want Vassal Rank then be the top voter WEEKLY, not daily, weekly! Note that the Top Weekly Voter resets every Monday. The one with the highest votes this new week will be moved at mid-Saturday. So just to emphasize the Vassal rank even more that it's weekly here's an example: If Jack it highest voter in a week one he gets the rank, but if Jimmy votes higher the next week Jack looses the rank and Jimmy gets it. So good luck to all of you and I hope all of you get to enjoy the perks(if there is any) to Vassal!
forest_runner1 T glad to see u back theman! and what if the highest voter already has vassel?
theman4567 A
theman4567 @ W00dCraft
and the thing will start NEXT week
theman4567 A
theman4567 @ W00dCraft
whoever it shows on the weekly top voter tab will get it

Server Updating (Finished)

madevilsniper S.V.I.P.A posted Mar 30, 14
Hey Guys,
Just wanted to let you know we are currently testing out updates and features on the server. Please bear with us as we work on it. We estimate to be done in 30 min to 1 hour. Thank you for your support.
Well its been a long year for w00dcraft and I am happy to say we made it later today I will post the story of how the server came to be to all have a great day!
Jax151 S.V.I.P. Happy anniversary W00dcraft. Also I just donated to get the Count, Yay!
Guys? D:
happy b day!
Happy Birthday! :d
it's mah b-day!
what version are you?
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